Moving can feel chaotic, especially when you need to take care of your valuable electronics. Computers, gaming systems, and television setups are fragile and consist of various parts. The best way to protect your electronic devices is by taking the right measures every step of the way, from initial preparations to proper storage. Follow these steps to pack and protect your electronics safely during your Missouri relocation.

Prepare Electronics to Be Moved

Preparing to move your electronics in advance will allow you more time to pack properly. Unplug your electronics and remove fragile items like USBs and batteries 24 hours prior to packing to allow them to fully cool down for safe handling. For a large-scale office move, you’ll need solutions for numerous setups and large machines. Create a detailed inventory list, label boxes with their location, and keep parts together for an organized move. To better prepare for your relocation, you can:

  • Follow User Guides for Packing Directions
  • Back-Up Data
  • Bundle Messy Cords
  • Keep Small Pieces with Their Devices
  • Take Pictures for Set-Up Reference

Protectively Pack Electronics

Now that you’re prepared for your household electronic move, it’s time to securely pack your electronics. Although there are many packing materials available, make sure you select items that are made to protect screens and prevent dust. Original boxes, antistatic bags, foam cushioning, and packing peanuts can help.

Store Electronics in a Climate-Controlled Facility

Depending on the size or scope of your relocation, you may choose to temporarily store your electronic devices. When you choose a storage warehouse, make sure it’s secured thoroughly. For maximum protection, the electronic storage warehouse you select should include:

  • Climate Control
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Fire Protection
  • Theft Protection
  • Inventory Tracking

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