When it comes to moving, it helps to have the support of a professional moving company like A. Frisella Moving & Storage. But how early do you need to reach out for estimates to ensure that you get a spot on the calendar?

It is always best to begin your move research and outreach as soon as possible. You can begin to contact moving companies to request estimates as soon as you know that a relocation is on the horizon. Finalizing the details of your move and booking your company should be done about two months prior to your move whenever possible.

There are, however, certain factors that may make it worth your while to get on the calendar even sooner, which means that you should begin getting your estimates as soon as humanly possible. Below, we will explore all the aspects of your relocation that may impact how you time your move outreach.

The Most Important Factors That Impact How You Time Your Move Outreach

It will always serve you well to reach out to moving companies early on. However, there are certain times where it is an absolute must to gather estimates as soon as possible to avoid being left without a team of qualified movers on moving day. When planning how you time your moving company outreach, be sure to consider:

  • The Size of Your Move: Do you have dozens of pieces of furniture, closets full of clothing, and boxes upon boxes of personal items? If so, it is essential that you start requesting moving quotes from companies as soon as you can. This is because a large move will require a lot of resources from your moving company. They will need to ensure that they have enough movers, vehicles, and equipment to handle the size of your relocation. A large move also increases the likelihood of utilizing additional services like our safe and secure storage solutions, which you should book in advance if possible. A smaller move, on the other hand, does not require quite as much advance planning and you might have luck reaching out closer to moving day.
  • The Distance of Your Move: Like move size, moving distance is a key factor when it comes to timing your outreach. If you are relocating far away, your moving company will need to carefully plan things out to make sure that they can accommodate your needs. When moving far away, it is always best to get estimates and book your movers as early as possible.
  • The Time of Year: Peak moving season is summer thanks to the warm weather and lack of school. While these factors might make a summer move more comfortable and less disruptive to your schedule, it also demands advance planning. If you are relocating during the busy season, you will want to contact movers as soon as you can to ensure that you get a spot on their crowded calendars.

Let A. Frisella Moving & Storage Make Your Move a Success

As a leading St. Louis moving and storage company, A. Frisella Moving & Storage has spent over a century executing flawless moves for our valued customers. Between our BBB accreditation, ProMover status, and stellar service, hiring us guarantees a hassle-free move. Whether you are relocating locally or nationwide, our team is always happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a thorough estimate. Reach out today for your quote!