Moving homes can signal a new chapter in life and is always very exciting. As your moving day fast approaches, you're likely searching for help with the logistics. Many Missouri homeowners need assistance, whether it's with all the packing or the physical transportation of the objects.

This is where a moving company comes in. A skilled moving company will be able to give you peace of mind during your relocation, alleviating all the stress that would normally come with taking it on yourself. However, many individuals choose to contact a moving broker rather than residential movers directly. This is normally not beneficial for the homeowner. Let's look at why.

What Is a Moving Broker?

A moving broker does not help with any physical aspect of your move. They're simply the middleman between you and a moving company. Essentially, these brokers are just salespeople who charge you a premium and then sell your move to one of their partnered moving companies. Brokers may have served an important purpose in the past, as it was difficult to compare the qualifications of various moving companies in your area. In many ways, they take the stress out of finding long distance movers.

In the digital era, it's never been easier to find a moving company yourself. Nearly every company has an online site where you can view their services and get in contact for their rates. Brokers are no longer necessary to find a reputable moving team.

Advantages of Hiring a Moving Company Directly in Missouri

As stated, the days of needing a moving broker are long over. In a matter of minutes, you can have access to all of the local household movers in your area via the internet. Hiring a Missouri moving company directly comes with countless benefits. These include:

  • Better Prices: Without a middleman, you can expect direct-to-consumer prices. There's no grey area about how much the services cost, or what cut the moving broker is receiving.
  • Local Expertise: Most moving brokers are not locally owned companies, and many don't even have a physical address in your community. When hiring a moving company, you can expect a local presence that's trusted and respected.
  • Reputation: It's easy to compare the reviews of the different moving companies around you. Moving brokers don't have testimonials very often, making it hard to decide if they can be trusted.
  • Insurance: Moving brokers do not insure any part of your move, leaving you at the whim of their moving company's mistakes. By hiring a moving company directly, you can ensure that there's a solid reimbursement plan in place in case damage occurs.

A. Frisella Moving & Storage Services is Your Comprehensive Moving Team

The advantage of hiring a moving company is obvious. If you'd like assistance, A. Frisella Moving & Storage is there for your residence. We've been serving the greater Missouri community for over a century, proving our team to be the most qualified for the job. We have a range of relocation services, including residential and household, as well as commercial. Contact us today to get a free quote on your entire move.