Getting ready for a big move? While most of us worry about protecting our furniture, many people forget about protecting their fabric.

There are many keyways to protect items made of fabric. Knowing the right way to secure these items will make sure they stay in tip-top quality.

Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to protect your fabric items during your move, so you'll know how your long-distance movers or residential movers can help you.

Casual and Formal Clothing

When it comes to clothing, you will want to store your casual belongings in durable moving boxes. The more clothes you have the larger the box you should use.

When it comes to fancier clothes such as formal dresses or suits, you will want to invest in something like a wardrobe box. This will keep your clothes neat, tidy, and unwrinkled.

Decorations and Other Personal Items

Decorations made of fabric and other personal items that hold a lot of value should be transported safely. Here are some valuable items that require extra care during their transportation.

  • Holiday Decor
  • Quilts
  • Blankets
  • Craftwork

Totes can work for this but also plastic bins, which can be found at many local stores in your area. Not only will this transportation method keep your decorations tidy, but also prevent them from tearing or getting dirty.


Like your formal clothing, you will want to make sure your curtains are safely transported. This will avoid wrinkling them and keep them clean. Before the move, make sure to clean your curtains well and place them on a padded hanger lengthwise.

Your curtains should also be securely hung on the hanger and then you can then cover them with plastic to fully protect them.

Fabric Furniture

It is crucial that furniture made of fabric and leather such as couches and chairs are packed securely during the moving process to prevent damage. Your moving team will assist you in wrapping up your fabric furniture and use either reusable moving pads attached with rubber bands to keep them in place or paper padding.

When transporting leather furniture, be sure to avoid using plastic wrap as it can damage the surface and change the coloring.

As for antique fabric furniture or canvas artwork, you will want to provide even more protection and add more layers to the piece of furniture as it is more delicate.

If you have any concerns or need help securing your fabric furniture, don't hesitate to reach out to your residential or long-distance movers. They can provide you with the proper materials needed to move your fabric furniture.

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If you're ready to start your moving process, those were some of the best ways to transport your fabric items. Whether it's your clothing, decorations, curtains, fabric furniture, and other special items, taking the proper measures in this guide will keep them looking as good as new.

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