If you are planning a relocation, there are some items that a moving company cannot take on their truck. The items pose a hazard to the movers, and you must find a way to transport them yourself.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to move items that moving companies won't touch safely. This article will cover some of the most common items you will need to transport without the help of movers. 

Food and Kitchen Equipment

Perishable food is often not recommended for relocations unless it's a local move that doesn't require long distances. If you need an interstate moving service, the food is likely to spoil in the extreme temperatures of the moving truck. 

Additionally, if you have a fire extinguisher for your kitchen, a moving truck will not take it. Since fire extinguishers should be replaced frequently, it's best to dispose of the item properly and purchase a new one at your next destination. 

Household Cleaners

There are some cleaning agents that are too flammable for transport, and you will need to dispose of them safely. Many of these cleaning products are found in the laundry room. 

You will need to dispose of the following household cleaners, including these ingredients:

  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Glass Cleaner

Firearms and Ammunition

If you have firearms in your bedroom for personal protection, you must arrange their transport. Residential movers will not transport firearms or ammunition for you in their moving trucks. 

For owners that want to transport the firearms themselves, it's best to know the local laws if you are crossing state lines. You may unintentionally break laws if you don't know the rules for carrying a firearm. 

Household Plants

Most household plants don't have the toughness to handle moving truck environments. Many states also have local regulations for transporting plants across state lines to prevent pests from impacting agriculture. 

If the laws state that you can transport household plants, you can transport them yourself or gift them to a friend. In many cases, the effort to relocate household plants is not worth it, and you should buy replacements. 

Hazardous Items in Garage

Garages and sheds are typically home to numerous hazardous equipment that you should avoid. When moving yard equipment, you should empty the gasoline tanks and storage containers. 

If you have fertilizer, you should dispose of it and ensure there are no flammable substances on the moving truck. There should be nothing transported with an explosion risk, such as large fluorescent bulbs and propane tanks. 

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