If you’re a little apprehensive about your upcoming long-distance move, take a deep breath because you’re not alone. There’s a lot that goes into moving long-distance but thankfully there are experts that can help, like the St. Louis long-distance movers at A. Frisella Moving & Storage. Below you will find some useful tips if you are:

  • Moving with Children
  • Moving with Pets
  • Moving with Plants

But first, you need to know what to look for when hiring a St. Louis long-distance moving company…

Make sure you hire movers that are reputable by doing a little research before you hire. Check out their online reviews and look for professional designations and awards. Reliable long-distance movers will provide comprehensive services including full-service packing, delivery, and storage. Utilize these services for the most hassle-free experience possible!

Moving Long-Distance with Children

Moving long-distance can be difficult on children, no matter what the age, so the first bit of advice is to talk it through. Answer any questions they have and give them space to voice their feelings. Additionally, you can:

  • Involve the child in the moving process as much as is possible for their age-range.
  • Learn about the new area and plan fun activities that you will do together.
  • Take the time to visit their favorite places and people before you move.
  • Prepare a travel package for each child with age-appropriate snacks and games.

Moving Long-Distance with Pets

Moving isn’t only difficult on people; it is hard on your pets too. Here are some things you can do to make moving with pets easier on your little friends:

  • Keep your pets in a familiar room while you pack and load on moving day.
  • Gradually acclimate your pet to their crate before the move.
  • Try taking your pet for short rides in their crate before the move.
  • Allow your pet to get used to one “home room” at your new house for easier adjustment.

Moving Long-Distance with Plants

You’ve worked hard to keep your household plants happy and healthy. Ensure that your plants arrive safely during your long-distance move by following these easy tips:

  • Water your plants before the move because watering during the move can be difficult.
  • Transition plants out of ceramic pots and into plastic pots to prevent the pots from breaking.
  • You might want to take cuttings of your favorite plants if possible for easier transport.
  • Many plants experience shock during a move due to temperature and light changes; in many cases your plants will recover.

Are you looking for a reliable St. Louis long-distance moving company?

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