Summer Moving

Depending on where you live and the details of your move, relocating during the summer can be both the best and the worst time of year. However, If you’re planning to move your home or business in the coming months, having a little bit of information can help you navigate around most seasonal challenges you might face!

The Benefits of Summer Moving

Summer is generally the preferred time for moving. Kids are out of school, and you probably have some vacation time saved up yourself. People also generally prefer to move when the weather is warm rather than cold. These circumstances provide many important perks:

·  Your home will sell easier: Since most people prefer to move during the summer, that means more people are looking to buy a home!

·  Moving during vacation saves time: If you have children, planning your move around summer break can make things much simpler for everyone.

·  Warmer weather: For those who live in colder climates, moving during the summer can be comfortable and much more enjoyable.

The Downsides of Summer Moving

Though moving during the summer is generally thought to be the best time, it does not come without it’s downsides. However, there are solutions. Problems and solutions include:

·  Professional movers might be booked: Moving and storage services are harder to find during peak moving months. This problem can be solved by scheduling in advance.

·  The weather can be too hot: Depending on where you live, summer moving can too hot, posing a risk to your health and even damaging belongings. Stay hydrated, move during early hours, and consider hiring professionals.

·  Traffic can be a nightmare: Though moving during vacation season has its perks, this can also mean navigating through denser traffic. If you hired movers early enough, you’ll be glad to have someone handle delivery for you!

Whatever time of year your move, there will be challenges. Hiring professional movers will make things much simpler while ensuring the safety of your belongings. If you’re looking for full-service household moving, commercial moving, or storage services in St. Louis, go with A . Frisella Moving & Storage! We have provided quality and affordable services since 1914, and each move starts with a free, no-obligation estimate!