Spring Moving

There are many benefits to moving during the spring. The weather is mild, selling your previous home is easier—and if you’re moving with kids, spring break provides a nice transition period. Spring is a great time to move, but your move can be even better with a few useful pre-move planning tips!

Get an Early Start

Whatever the moving season, getting an early start will make things much easier. The last thing you want is to end up rushing around while trying to get everything done at the last minute.  A good place to start is packing. You can begin with out-of-season clothing and other items, then move on to belongings you won’t need in the coming weeks. You might also consider:

·  Completing a change of address online

·  Making utility arrangements in advance

·  Gathering important documents and store safely

Go on a Spring Cleaning Spree

Moving is much simpler if you lessen the load a bit. It can be hard to let go of things, but when moving, holding on to clutter because you “might need it someday” usually isn’t worth the hassle. Outdated or ill-fitting clothing, bulky furniture that you don’t use, or anything that’s just hanging around without serving any real purpose might be on the moving ban list.

Prep for Spring Moving Downsides

There are many upsides to spring moving, but there are some problem areas to keep in mind. Not all difficulties can be avoided, but most can be handled rather simply if you know what to look out for and how to handle it. Consider what to do in the event of:

·  Rainy Weather: Have tarps, old towels, and other items on hand to keep your floor and belongings dry if it rains on moving day. It’s also a good idea to seal boxes tightly, and don’t forget to dress comfortably.

·  Pollen: If you or loved ones have a pollen allergy, moving can be very difficult and even hazardous when the pollen count is high. Check the weather daily and move during the afternoon when the density is lowest.

·  Holiday Traffic: Moving during spring break can be great to keep kids from missing school, but this can also mean navigating holiday traffic. Check traffic reports and consider an alternate route should the roads become congested.

Book Reliable Movers

Most moving problems can be avoided by hiring professional movers! Whether you need local moving or long-distance moving services, A. Frisella Moving & Storage has the solutions you need for a hassle-free and affordable relocation. Our full-service packing, professional delivery, secure storage services and more ensure your belongings are protected, your transition is fast and simple, and your peace of mind is protected each step of the way!