When you’re planning a move and you have appliances that are past their prime, it doesn’t make much sense to take them to your new location. Spare yourself the hassle of disposing of your own appliances by finding locations at which you can donate your old appliances. At A. Frisella Moving & Storage, we have been providing expert moving services since 1914, including handling large appliances. Many states have laws and guidelines as to how you dispose of appliances, and one of the most common ways that you can do this is to donate your old appliances before you move. Below we’ve provided you with several locations for appliance donation in St. Louis.

●  Goodwill:  Goodwill is usually one of the first places that comes to mind when you think about donations and they do take appliances. When you donate your old appliances to Goodwill, it’s important to note that these must be in working order and that you do not leave your items outside of an unattended center.

●  Salvation Army:  Another popular donation location is Salvation Army, and they also take appliances in working order. One of the greatest benefits to donating to Salvation Army is that you don’t have to haul your items there, you can quickly and easily schedule a free pick up online and they will come to take your donations.

●  Nationwide Recycling Center:  Nationwide Recycling Center is well-known for buying scrap metal, but they are also a free appliance drop off center.

●  Appliances Inc. and Appliance Recycler:  These two separate locations offer convenient pick up of appliances, but this convenience does come at a price. Both companies will come to your home for easy and stress-free appliance pick up, but you will have to pay a fee for the service.

Because most major appliances have been banned from landfill disposal, it’s important to know what your options are. If you are currently buying appliances for your new home, ask if they will take the old appliances you are replacing. There are many locations for appliance donation in St. Louis, so disposing of your old appliances isn’t the headache you may have assumed.

Don’t let getting rid of your old appliances stress you out, simply do a bit of research and call around and in no time, you’ll be able to donate, recycle or dispose of your items without a headache. For more tips and information on your relocation, contact the best moving company in St. Louis - A. Frisella Moving & Storage! Call today to discuss your move with one of our friendly associates or fill out our convenient online form to request your free estimate!