Relocating to a new area is exciting but can take a lot of work. While adults can understand the importance of a move, children often struggle with the large change. As you approach your upcoming move, it’s important to look at the experience from your child’s perspective. Involving them in the process is a great way to make this change feel more familiar to them. Utilize the following strategies to help your kids adjust and settle into their new home.

Before the Move

Begin your move by discussing what the upcoming months will look like. If you’re moving long-distance, children will have many questions about their school and friends. Explaining the moving process will help them prepare. Some pre-moving strategies you can utilize include:

  • Helping Your Kids Declutter and Have a Say in Their New Room Design
  • Letting Your Children Help You Pack, Especially Their Bedroom
  • Taking Them on a Tour of Their New Neighborhood
  • Showing Photographs of The New House
  • Packing Their Room Last to Avoid Disruption

During the Move

Involving your children throughout the moving process provides them with some agency during this change. Hiring local movers can take some of the moving pressure off of you so that you can focus on moving in with your family, rather than focusing on heavy lifting and logistics. During the move, you can:

  • Plan Family Activities for the Car Ride
  • Plan Individual Activities for When You Are Preoccupied
  • Invite a Close Family Member Over to Spend Time With Your Children While You Unpack Your Car
  • Prepare Readily-Available Comfort Items Such as a Stuffed Animal or a Book

After the Move

Children often need time to adjust after the move as well. Some post-move strategies you can use include:

  • Unpacking Their Room First
  • Asking Full-Service Movers to Assemble Their Furniture
  • Maintaining Regular Schedules

Let Residential Movers Take Care of Your Entire Move

Hiring residential movers is a great solution that allows you to spend more time adjusting with your family. A. Frisella Moving & Storage Services has over 100 years of experience helping local St. Louis, MO residents with their moves. 

Our full-service moving solutions take care of everything you need for a stress-free move. From packing and furniture assembly to long-term storage solutions, we handle it all. Fill out our online form today to receive a free, in-home estimate on your next move!