Before your next move you will want to do some spring cleaning. However, it is important to give yourself enough time to make your spring cleaning effective and worth your extra time. The professionals at A. Frisella Moving & Storage we thought it would be a great idea to put together a checklist to help homeowners stay on track. Use this list as a helpful way to get your spring cleaning done before your next move!

Step 1: declutter

The best thing you can do during a spring clean is throw away all the items that hold zero value. Get rid of the junk that has just started taking up space throughout your home. These items can include broken items and toys that are missing key or most of their parts. When you get rid of these items it will be easier to sort through the items that are worth selling and keeping.

Step 2: Organize

After you declutter your home, you may still be left with a lot of stuff and no idea what to do with it all. We suggest you organize it into two piles. Pile one will be loved items that you cannot part with and pile two will be items that are worth selling. Remember that if you find an item that does not fit into one of these two piles you should add it to your decluttering trash pile.

Step 3: Deep Clean

Before you try and sell any other items in pile two it is highly recommended to give it a deep clean. Whether this means washing bins of old baby clothes, or wiping down old chairs you have found in your basement, we know you will get a better price for something that looks to be in its best condition. After you clean items make sure you keep these items in a safe and clean space. It is important that no one gets their hands on something that causes it to need another cleaning.

Step 4: Take Inventory

You will want to track all of your items and keep track of how you are removing them from your home. This way if someone wants to buy an item you will know exactly where it is located. Taking an inventory of your home can also be very helpful in your upcoming move. Once you get your spring cleaning done and you are ready to move, contact A. Frisella Moving & Storage for a moving and storage company that will take a perfect inventory of your home. We will keep all of your items safe and accounted for as we move. Call us for a free estimate.