Moving can be an expensive endeavor. The best way to control your costs is to begin with an understanding of how local and long-distance moving companies price their services. Our long-distance movers in St. Louis, MO dish on their best tips for keeping costs under control.

How Local Moves are Priced

Local moves can range from extremely affordable to a pretty hefty price tag depending on what services you need and how big your home is. Anything within a 50-mile radius, give or take, is generally priced based on the labor needed and a flat-rate transportation fee to cover fuel and truck use. Be mindful of clever sales tactics that offer a low-rate transportation fee while tacking on additional services to drive the cost of the local move up. You can generally save on costs by taking care of the prep work yourself.

How Long Distance Moves are Priced

Long-distance moves across the state or across the country are priced a little differently. You’ll still have labor costs for any add-on services that you sign up for, but you’ll trade the flat-rate transportation fee for a weight-based freight fee. The best way to save money on long-distance moves is to be mindful of how much stuff you are taking. It’s generally a good idea to limit your belongings to essentials and valuables, giving up cheap, pressboard furniture that is easy to replace.

Why In-Home Estimates are Important

Each move is unique and the amount of stuff in one household can vary wildly from the amount of stuff in another. The only way to get an accurate picture of your moving costs is to allow your movers to provide a custom, in-home estimate. During your estimate, a move coordinator will work with you to find a balance between your needs and your budget.

Pricing for Additional Services

One thing that most moving companies push is tailored services, allowing you to control the costs of your move by choosing which services you use. While full-service packing or white-glove moving sounds amazing, keep in mind that additional services cost more. The best way to save on your moving expenses is to keep the add-ons to a minimum.

Difference Between Binding and Non-Binding Estimates

Another thing to be mindful of when shopping around for moving estimates is whether or not the mover is willing to guarantee their prices. Some movers only provide verbal estimates or clearly mark any written estimates as ‘non-binding’ meaning that your final bill will likely be much higher. As a best practice, insist on receiving a written, binding estimate that details your selected services and the movers prices.

Final Thoughts on Moving Costs

Moving can be an expensive ordeal, with costs often well above the $4K mark. Keep your costs in line by planning ahead with an accurate price estimate and pairing down your belongings to an essentials-only approach. At Frisella Moving and Storage, our team is a trusted agent of Bekins Van Lines, providing local and long-distance moving services in St. Louis, MO and beyond. Our residential movers in St. Louis are here to help any way that you need.

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