If you’re planning a relocation, you may be wondering the best way to move items that won’t fit into standard packing boxes. While items like books and clothing are easily stowed away in cardboard boxes, you’ll need to take some extra precautions for those large, breakable items like TVs, artwork (including sculptures and statues), and oversized mirrors.

Pack the Professional Way

Professional moving companies offer convenient solutions to this issue. Quality companies will have an array of packing supplies that you can choose from to ensure you’re getting the best fit for your item. For example, items that are bulky and an uncommon shape can be stored in custom wood crating to get a proper fit. Moving pads are good options for mirrors, as they can be easily wrapped around large items to provide a buffer between them and other objects. Some boxes, like large-screen TV boxes, are specially designed with these hard-to-move items in mind.

Think Ahead and Save Yourself Hassle

Taking extra precautions like taking pictures of your belongings before moving them is a great way to ensure you document their condition before transit. You can use these pictures to develop an inventory of items, a step that will help you keep track of what items have already been packed away.

Further protect your items by purchasing full valuation coverage. While professional movers must provide basic coverage, this type only reimburses items by weight. Full valuation coverage protects customers by reimbursing for their actual resale price.

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