Planning a move during the holiday season no longer needs to be stressful and overwhelming. With the right St. Louis moving company, you can plan ahead for a simplified and streamlined relocation that meets your exact specifications. The ideal mover paired with the below tips ensures that you and your family will experience a stress-free holiday move and season.

Pack Early

Begin packing a few months before if possible so that you have adequate time to declutter and still spend time with family as the holidays approach.

Determine Specialty Moving Services

For large items including furniture, pianos, electronics, etc., plan to use specialty movers that can assist with all the heavy lifting. The last thing you want during the holiday season is added stress and a sore back.

Keep Decorations Minimal

While you may want to still be festive, plan to use minimal decorations to make it easier to pack and store if necessary. Try adding some simple lights and a small tree in the main living area.

Enjoy Some Family Time

Don’t let the potential stress of the move ruin holiday spirit. By taking regular breaks from moving and participating in holiday traditions, your family can remember this unique time and have an overall better move.

At A. Frisella Moving and & Storage, we serve as premier movers in St. Louis with a vast array of moving services. We make moving during the holiday season not only simple, but fun.

When you begin your search for St. Louis household movers, start with A. Frisella Moving & Storage. Contact us today by submitting a free quote or giving us a quick call to see how we can assist with your holiday move.