Packing up your kitchen for a move can be a hassle. Whether your relocation is short or long, there are a lot of perishable items that aren’t going to survive the trip. Instead of trying to decide what food to keep and what to toss, donate your food items to different facilities across the St. Louis area.

Affton Christian Food Pantry

In business since 2004, ACFP is a non-profit organization that strives to help meet the ever-growing need for food assistance. Everything from household products to canned goods, ACFP accepts a variety of items and is a great resource for food donation in the St. Louis area. ACFP houses a program where those wanting to donate using money can join a monthly giving program where you can feed children at school to giving a family a hot dinner.  

Operation Food Search

Feeding more than 190,000 people every month, Operation Food Search offers food and nutrition education programs for low-income families and individuals in the St. Louis area. Whether you have a food from your pantry or garden, the organization is able to help accommodate your donations of any size.

These are just a couple of the organizations that can help put those perfectly good foods to use. When looking for the best St. Louis moving and storage company to offer excellent moving advice, look no further than A. Frisella Moving & Storage.  To learn more, give us a call at 888-919-1158 or fill out our online quote form for a FREE estimate.