Moving to a new home means packing up everything including your entire wardrobe. But do you really still wear everything hanging in your closet or folded in your drawers? An easy way to make your move around the St. Louis area a little lighter is to sort through your old clothes and shoes for donation.

What items are acceptable for donation?

When sorting through your clothes and shoes make sure to inspect them so you know they are still reusable by their next owner. Look for tears, stains or deterioration to know if the garment is acceptable for donating. A coat with holes or shoes with the soles worn down are not considered to be in great condition and should probably be tossed in the trash pile.

How do you prep your items for donation?

One request most organizations have is that all items be washed or dry-cleaned at the time of drop-off. While organizations typically will wash and clean the garments before handing them out, they like to know the actually condition of the clothes in advance. Scrubbing your tennis shoes or shining your dress shoes can also help the organization in repurposing them.

What are some organizations that will take your donations?

The St. Louis area has plenty of different options when you’re looking to give away your items.

·  Goodwill: In business since 1902, Goodwill collects used household goods and clothing to resell to those in need or on a budget.

·  Charity Clothing Pickup: Charity Clothing Pickup collects clothing, linens and other useful items that are donated to Children’s Home Society of Missouri, Women’s Another Chance and the American Red Cross. The best part is they pick up the donation from you!

·  Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is a nationwide organization that accepts clothing, household items and furniture to resell at a fair price in their Family Store to those in need.

Not only is donating your old clothes a good way to clear space before your move, it’s a great way to help others in the process. For any other tips on how to make your move more manageable, A. Frisella Moving & Storage is available all your St. Louis moving services. To learn more, give us a call at 888-919-1158 or fill out our online quote form for a free estimate.