If your move has you feeling stressed, scared or anxious, just imagine how your pet feels. All of the territory they marked, friends they made and flower beds they rolled around in are about to become a thing of the past as they start over in a new location. To ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable transition, follow these simple and effective tips:

How to travel with pets

Prep for a Road Trip

Most pets haven’t spent much time on the road, so getting them accustomed to long-distance moving is essential. Having them roam around the car could be distracting and dangerous, so get a crate and ensure they’ll be comfortable in it. You can do this by initially putting them in for a short period, then gradually extending the time limit for each instance. It also helps to feed them or give them treats while in the crate so they associate it with positivity.

Pack Strategically

Once a pet is settled in their habitat, they’re not too keen on changes to it. Seeing your home go from full to empty could scare your animal companion, so keep them in a familiar room and make sure it’s the last to be packed up. When the big day comes, leave them with a friend or family member, or keep them outside while you finish the last room.

Take Baby Steps

You may have let your pet run amok in your last home, but enabling them to do so in your new one could overwhelm them. Take baby steps when introducing them to their new shelter. Start with the room they’ll sleep, play and eat in, then gradually introduce them to others. Failure to do so could result in urine-stained rugs and a terrified pet.

Get Familiar with the Neighborhood

Now that your pet is comfortable with its new home, it’s time to take on the neighborhood. For exercise, find the best routes to take your pet for a walk or research the parks in the area. Like you, your pets are social creatures so try to find them some friends to play with. Be cautious, not all pets play well with others, so try getting information on any notoriously misbehaved animals in the area.

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