apartment moves

Apartment moves…they’re easy right? You might be surprised.

Apartments do hold a smaller amount of furniture, but that doesn’t make it any easier. There is one word to wrap up your most difficult challenge…stairs.

Stairs are a pain. Moving your items up stairs can be dangerous. Furniture can be heavy. You risk throwing out your back, breaking bones, destroying the furniture or damaging the stairwell.  All of these are expensive.

This is just one of the difficulties of moving into an apartment.  Assuming you have a service elevator, you only have a certain amount of time to use it. You could run out of time and now have to use the stairs. 

What floor will you be on? How big is your door? Will your furniture fit?  These are all factors that will affect your move.

It may be smaller than a home, but even the smallest of apartments can cause big problems when you are moving.

As St. Louis apartment movers, we have years of experience moving people in and out of their apartments.  We understand the challenges they face.  Don’t risk injuring yourself or your furniture by moving these items yourself; call A. Frisella Moving & Storage.

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