For some people it’s always been just a dream to run away and move to another country


– the idea of just packing up and leaving your current job and run away to Paris, Florence or the Caribbean. Oh how life would be in this foreign land for something much like a permanent vacation. Well this lifestyle might not be as far off as you’d imagine. As professional St. Louis international movers we have seen people move abroad for many reasons – here is a compilation of the most popular.

1.  Work Opportunities – Whether the individual was offered a new job and was moving there for a specific one or was just looking for more job opportunities in general work is one of the most popular reasons for individuals moving abroad. There are many different types of job opportunities in foreign countries that might not be available in the USA – so making a change in pace and following those is a common life choice.

2.  Education- Many younger undergraduate students travel abroad for study abroad opportunities but there are also graduate students who move to new countries to study and be immersed into new culture. 

3.  Family – Many times family members are in a different place, we have seen many individuals and entire families move from the United States to be closer to their loved ones.

4.  Retirement- We here at A Frisella Moving and Storage have seen many retired couples choose to move abroad.  After their professional life is finished and they have cash to move and nothing holding them back a move abroad is sometimes just the ticket!

A life change such as moving abroad can be difficult however the excitement of the new life you will lead usually over shadows the doubt. As St Louis Movers we are proud to have moved countless people and businesses to their new destinations; whether that be abroad or here in the United States. So when you are planning your next move remember to call or visit our website to see how we can make your transition seamless!