Moving is a hectic time.  There are many instances during this time that important things can be overlooked. Items that you do not want to pack

what not to pack

are commonly misinterpreted and looked over. As a seasoned St Charles residential movers we have seen many clients unaware of what they should and shouldn’t pack.  So we decided to put together a quick list to help you rummage through your belongings beforehand and be knowledgeable about what you should and should not pack!

1. Perishable Food – You don’t want to risk the chance of food spoiling on the move.  It could end up stinking or messing up the entire trailer and everything you have in it!

2. Live plants – Plants are extremely delicate and moving them should not be taken lightly.  Many times we suggest you move your plants in your own vehicle.

3. Glass Jars – Things being held in glass jars – including food and beverage are not recommended to be packed.  They can break causing a mess – glass can also be a hazard when unloading.

4. Firearms – Most moving companies including St Charles movers like ourselves are not supposed to transport firearms. 

5. Family Photos – these aren’t recommended to be moved by your moving company. Of course they are not illegal to move but you may want to keep these on your person.

6. Dangerous Items- This may sound obvious but many flammable liquids and solids, corrosives, poisons, compressed gasses are hidden behind regular everyday household material names.  Common household item examples are nail polish remover, paint thinners, paint, auto repair chemicals, oxygen bottles and matches. These things are all illegal to move. 

7. Prescription Drugs – Prescription drugs should not be packed for a mover to move; especially if they are being used by an individual.  It may be hard for this individual to get to them in a packed van.  These should be kept on your person at all times.

If you have any more questions about packing or would like to schedule a free in home estimate please call A Frisella Moving and Storage today!